Testimonial Letter from Cecilia Hamilton, FIU Controller

I first met Linda while I was still working with the search committee at FIU for the position of Associate Vice President and University Controller. I lived in San Francisco, and without Linda, I couldn’t possibly have ended up in my own home in Coral Gables within a month of joining the university.

From the very beginning she provided services far beyond my expectations.
  • She figured out which communities would fit my commuting restrictions, budget, and life style preferences.
  • She picked me up from FIU interviews and campus visits to “test drive” the communities with me and show me sample houses on the market.
  • She created a “private website” for us so that from California we could review and rate and ask questions about houses for sale in our target neighborhoods.
  • She turned a four day house hunting trip into a tightly scheduled marathon during which we visited forty of our top house selections. And she remained gracious no matter how cranky and snappish we became as the days wore on. And she cut short an out-of-town vacation to do it!
  • She drove us back and forth, and back and forth, during rush hour, to make sure our choice would really give me the commute I wanted.
  • She was an island of calm and reason as we worked through a difficult and nerve-wracking short sale process.
  • She found us referrals for all the myriad tradesmen we needed to repair and improve the house. And it was quite a long list!
I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of Linda’s professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of the local neighborhoods, tact, and , especially, patience.