World-renowned Miami Beach is a collection of connected islands stretching along the Atlantic Ocean coastline for ten miles. Situated three miles east of downtown Miami, residents of the city and financial investors have combined efforts and resources in a rare harmony of purpose that has resulted in positive, explosive changes in the area’s economics and demography. Global investors have re-ignited tourism in the historically-designated Art Deco District, illuminating Ocean Drive with outdoor cafes, night clubs, and balmy hotels in pastel hues. With a boost from the film, fashion and print industries, the regenerated beachfront has attracted worldwide production companies. Numerous parks offer tennis facilities, swimming pools, community centers, and teen centers. Prime real estate continues to be extremely popular, since South Beach has emerged as an elite area of choice for fashion designers, artists, and celebrities. Spanish Mediterranean and Art Deco architecture grace the spectacular estates, while luxury condominium and apartment complexes offer easy access to popular tourist spots