FIU Preferred Customer Program

Coldwell Banker’s FIU Preferred Customer Program is specially designed for the FIU buyer/seller. Our affiliated mortgage and title companies will also work hand in hand with us to smoothly handle your purchase or sale, should you so choose.

Call Linda Tartak at (305) 962-5156 and tell her that you are an FIU employee purchasing or selling a home in South Florida interested in the program. If Linda is your listing or selling associate on your South Florida real estate transaction a closing credit from the brokerage commission will appear on the HUD -1 statement.

Home Value Credit at Closing
Buying Selling
$75,000-$124,999 $200 $200
$125,000-$149,999 $300 $300
$150,000-$249,999 $500 $500
$250,000-$399,999 $750 $750
$400,000-$599,999 $1,250 $1,250
$600,000-$899,999 $1,500 $1,500
$900,000+ $2,000 $2,000


  • Credits ranging from $200 to $2,000 are based on the sale price of the home sold or purchased.
  • To be eligible you must first enroll in Coldwell Banker’s FIU Preferred Customer Program though Coldwell Banker’s Relocation Specialist, Linda Tartak at (305) 962-5156.
  • Credits paid are based upon a 3% commission being paid to Coldwell Banker on the “listing” or “selling” side in which Linda is involved.
  • Credits are subject to lender approval and are subject to applicable law.
  • This program is available for purchase and/or sale of property only.